Building Relationships

For over 30 years, Totom Storage has been serving the self storage needs of local small businesses, provincial based businesses and much larger Canadian and US corporations requiring self storage for their local business or support for their regional sales representatives. Whether it’s to free up office space, manage seasonal inventory, organize sales support material, store required documents, or as an alternative to expensive, inflexible warehouse leases, businesses turn to Totom Storage to save money and improve efficiency.We value our long-term commercial customers who have been storing with us for many, many years. Every business is unique as are their self storage needs. As such, we provide a wide variety of services to our business customers free of charge, while other storage facilities have been known to charge premiums for services such as invoicing or dolly rentals.

Corporate Services We Provide

  • We accept all deliveries on your behalf and email your representative once a delivery has been secured in your storage unit.
  • Onsite Recycling for cardboard and Waste disposal.
  • Free dolly usage.
  • Monthly invoicing emailed direct to your corporate headquarters.
  • Discounts for extended pre-payment of your storage (annual, or semi-annual).

Why Self Storage?

What kind of business might need self-storage space? It’s proven the cost of self-storage per square foot is considerably less than renting commercial office or retail space, committing to long-term warehouse leases, or consuming valued space in your home’s basement or garage for your home-based business. From a closet-sized 5×5 for box storage, Rubbermaid containers or seasonal fleet wheels to large-scale 10×30 units with mezzanines, every business’ needs are different. Your business has room to grow at Totom Storage. Then, as your business changes, upsize or downsize your unit anytime without penalty and we’ll even help you move and customize a unit to suit your needs.

Types of Businesses that Use Self Storage

  • Accountants / Lawyers have to maintain box storage for 7 to 10 years.
  • Sales representatives in hospitality, health care, food & beverage, marketing, pharmaceuticals, utilities, store their support materials and inventories shipped from their national head offices.
  • Local contractors of many types storing excess materials and tools they use regularly and requiring quick, convenient access to.
  • Small businesses having to carry an overflow of inventory – seasonal or otherwise.
  • Consultants / Engineers
  • Real Estate agents for additional signage and marketing materials.
  • Virtually all types of Service-related businesses that want to keep home & business dealings separate.